06 Mar

Alice and Noemi Win The Royal Geographical Society’s Excellence Award

Last week the Royal Geographical Society named Alice and Noemi as winners of their 2019 Excellence Awards for outstanding results in the latest International GCSE Geography examinations. The pair were among a tiny group of top-scoring candidates who achieved virtually full marks – an astounding 170 points - in their papers.

“Both girls are excellent geographers, very talented, hard-working and always challenging and asking questions,” said KEHS’s Acting Head of Geography Mrs Cowan. “The IGCSEs have a really rigorous specification and great depth of material to study, involving detailed evaluation and interpreting resources. Last year 72 girls, almost the whole year-group, took IGCSE Geography and 86% of them achieved a Grade 9 – the equivalent of a top A*, so we’re really delighted with everyone’s hard work and dedication. Alice and Noemi’s awards are particularly exciting as it’s the first time anyone from KEHS has received one – and having two pupils from one school achieving something as prestigious as this is very special.”