13 Mar

Classics Lecture

Old Edwardian Professor Zahra Newby left KEHS in 1990. She studied Latin, Ancient History and Mathematics at A level before reading Classics at the University of Oxford. Zahra is now Head of Department at the University of Warwick, and she returned to School on Wednesday 4th March to give a lecture to girls and parents on 'The Meaning of Mythology in Greek and Roman Art'. Zahra spoke about how myths are everywhere in ancient art: on pediments of temples, on Greek vases, on Roman mosaics and wall-paintings. Her talk explored why this might be, how the myths are depicted and what they mean to their viewers. Zahra showed wonderful photographs of famous and less well known ancient buildings and artefacts, from the Parthenon in Athens to Roman sarcophagi. She discussed mythology used for praise and civic self-representation, politics and civic identity and Roman values. Zahra kindly presented us with a copy of her book, Greek Myths in Roman Art and Culture for the School library. It was a whistle stop tour of the ancient world through the lens of mythology and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.