13 Mar

Lewis Dartnell: Parents’ Association Lecture 2020

On Thursday 5th March, Professor Lewis Dartnell delivered a fascinating lecture based on his bestselling book Origins: how the earth made us. Professor Dartnell talked about how the planet’s active geological forces drove our evolution in East Africa, with a fluctuating planetary climate enabling our ancestors to migrate around the world. He also talked about the way in which plate tectonics helped to create the conditions needed for the world’s early ancient civilisations to develop and thrive. Professor Dartnell explained how wind bands and ocean currents, in the Early Modern period, connected the world together creating the foundations for trade and globalisation. He ended his presentation with some fantastic illustrations showing how 320 million year old rocks have had a long lasting impact on the voting patterns of the electorate in the UK. Many thanks to the Parents’ Association for all their help and support in the organisation of the event.