13 Mar

Lower Fifth Enrichment Lecture

On Thursday 5 March, Professor Lewis Dartnell visited KEHS to speak to the Lower Fifth about his bestselling book The Knowledge, which assesses how people might try to rebuild society after an apocalypse. Professor Dartnell started by discussing how people might hope to live in the immediate aftermath of such an event, notably explaining how one could survive in a supermarket for up to 56 Years! He then explained how, with the right understanding, people might hope to use surviving materials to not only survive but thrive. Indeed, Professor Dartnell explained how he had developed a hands-on approach to his primary research, showing it is possible to make glass with natural resources found on the British coastline. He also demonstrated how he had created a rechargeable Kindle from fragments of scavenged solar panels. He also showed how cars could be run using pieces of driftwood. Following the talk, students were given the opportunity to purchase signed copies of The Knowledge, and his other bestseller, Origins. In addition, nine students joined Professor Dartnell for tea in the seminar room. This was a highly enjoyable event for all concerned, the girls having the chance to ask in-depth questions about Professor Dartnell's academic work and life as a writer.