Humanities (Geography, History and Religious Studies)


The Geography staff relish passing on their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills through dynamic teaching methods, stimulating our bright girls’ interest and curiosity about the world so that they understand the important topics affecting all our lives. With a rising tide of conflicting views, misleading information and ‘fake news’ propagated on issues like global warming, population control and pollution, we strive to make our girls well-informed world citizens, able to think critically and analyse the plethora of information and data independently. We use many enrichment resources, such as geographical update publications and contemporary news stories linked to relevant topics.


'You have to know the past to understand the present’ said the science populiser, Carl Sagan. We aim to ignite each girl’s innate curiosity about the past and how it influences our lives today through wide-ranging studies of topics from the medieval period onwards. This encourages our students to appreciate and respect the past and its peoples and cultures. Studying History also helps girls to analyse and evaluate texts and evidence from a range of sources, to read critically, write persuasively and articulate their ideas confidently and cogently. Our outstanding staff members are determined to share their passion for History, inspiring girls through the exploration of the compelling events, personalities and ideas which have shaped the past and still have resonance today.

Religious Studies

KEHS enjoys a well-deserved reputation for religious tolerance and harmony between students from all backgrounds. Our approach is non-denominational, celebrating our school’s position near the heart of a city rich in religious and cultural diversity. With most faiths and none represented among our pupils and staff, we try to reflect this richness and make the most of it. Girls and visitors from different faiths lead lessons and explain their beliefs, and we foster links with local communities through visits to different religious institutions. We aim to instil attitudes of open-mindedness and acceptance which will encourage students to live and work positively in multi-faith Britain.