Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught separately throughout the school, yet the subjects are inextricably linked, and girls are encouraged to explore the crossover between the subjects by our expert staff, who are all passionate about their own areas. This allows girls to develop a deeper, more rounded understanding of the natural world and an awareness of the latest scientific advances. Whether they aim to become top-class scientists or knowledgeable, scientifically literate citizens, our girls are taught to think creatively, identify patterns, use scientific techniques and weigh up evidence, to make sense of a rapidly-changing world. We buck the trend of girls avoiding STEM subjects, with many studying Science and Maths to A level and at top universities each year, where a high proportion read Medicine. We also have an outstanding record of pupils taking UK Olympiads and winning national prizes including the prestigious Arkwright Engineering Awards.


Biology is amongst our most popular subjects, with most girls taking the subject at GCSE, and it continues to be a popular choice at A Level too. The AQA specification provides the groundwork for further study in courses such as Biological Sciences and Medicine. Biology is very much an experimental subject and we have excellent laboratory facilities, enthusiastic, well-qualified teachers, and good technical support, enabling us to equip students with the essential practical skills required.


Chemistry is everywhere: we are, basically, a selection of chemicals, and everything around us is made up of chemicals. We aim to give all girls a thorough and secure background in Chemistry in order to become the scientifically literate adults of the future.

The teaching of Chemistry at KEHS places a large emphasis on practical work, which brings Chemistry alive, enthuses students and also helps their understanding of the subject. The girls are encouraged to think and question their understanding, and they are stretched and challenged at all levels of their education. Dedicated and enthusiastic teaching ensures that girls develop a knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, which they can relate to everyday life and technological advances, such as industry, the environment, pharmaceuticals and fuel cells.

At GCSE and at A level the AQA specifications are taught and examined, with students regularly attaining very high results.


The International GCSE Physics course is less prescriptive than other specifications and allows us to enrich the course, using a wide range of resources to keep our bright girls stimulated.

At A-level we follow the innovative Advancing Physics specification. We provide extra lunchtime sessions for any girl needing help with a particular topic and those preparing for the Physics Olympiad or Oxbridge entry. The girls particularly enjoy the hands-on exercises and friendly competitions we organise, such as designing and building their own robots and rollercoasters – and boosting their practical knowledge in the process.