Year by Year Brief

Thirds to Upper Fourth

The first three years of senior school life are intended to convey a love of learning and to establish firm foundations for future study, which will underpin girls’ future learning at GCSE and A level.

In the Thirds, girls study Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Digital Learning and Technology, English, French, Geography, History, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education and Physics.

In the Lower Fourth, pupils are able to study a new modern foreign language, choosing between German or Spanish.

In the Upper Fourth, pupils choose two creative subjects from the following list: Art and Design, Drama, Music, Technology and Food Studies.

Pupils in the Lower and Upper Fourth also have a timetabled PDM (Personal Decision Making) lesson. (PSHCE)

Lower Fifth - Upper Fifth: GCSE

All pupils study 10 GCSE subjects comprising a core of English Language and Literature, Mathematics, a Modern Foreign Language and Science.

Please click on the link below to learn more about all of our courses including our GCSE option subjects.

Sixth Form

We believe KEHS offers the best possible preparation for university life and beyond, thanks to the academic rigour we expect and the intellectual confidence instilled in our girls through the outstanding teaching and the wide range of experiences on offer.

Girls select 4 ‘A’ levels from the 20 subjects on offer in Sixth Form: Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Classical Greek, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, German, History, Italian*, Latin, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Russian*, Spanish and Theatre Studies.

* Russian and Italian are offered on a two year rotation

We also have an exciting Sixth Form enrichment programme which has been designed specifically for our students at KEHS, including core sessions on study skills, current affairs and wellbeing and a wide range of choice from stage crew to sailing, for example, or from community service or photography to engineering.