11+ (Year 7)

The majority of girls join King Edward VI High School for Girls in the Thirds (Year 7). Each year, around 96 girls join us from a wide variety of schools and backgrounds.

Entrance examinations for the Thirds (Year 7) take place at the beginning of October, the year before entry. Registration opens at Easter the year before entry, and closes two weeks before the entrance examination.

The entrance examination consists of two English papers and one Mathematics paper.

Both English papers are designed to test reading and writing skills and to explore a candidate’s potential. In the past, poems, pictures and passages of prose have appeared on the papers. Tasks have included comprehension questions, creative writing and an opportunity to respond personally to stimulus material.

The Mathematics paper consists of a series of questions of varying lengths, designed to test the candidate’s ability to use and apply the straightforward processes of arithmetic. No calculators of any kind are allowed. Formal knowledge of algebra and geometry is not required. Some questions are deliberately designed to test responses to a simple but unfamiliar mathematical idea for which no previous knowledge is required.

It is important that candidates show their working clearly; they should not assume that it is only the answer which is of interest to the examiner.

We aim to notify parents of the outcome of our examinations before Christmas.