Beyond the Curriculum

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At KEHS, we believe extra-curricular activities are vital in developing rounded, balanced students who enrich the life of the school as well as fulfilling their academic potential. We offer myriad opportunities for girls to sample exciting experiences from Rowing, Ultimate Frisbee and Football Club to Philosophy Society, Schools’ Challenge quizzing and Creative Writing. Some students help to run existing clubs or even start their own, to share their interests, developing their leadership skills and becoming role models within the school community.

We invite numerous speakers, theatre groups, writers, artists, musicians and other guests into school each year to inspire students and broaden their experience.

Our musicians perform in concert halls in Birmingham and beyond and there are regular theatre visits and residential trips for all ages.

Taking part in these activities, which are usually held at lunchtimes or after school, also helps girls build a wide range of friendships up and down the school, boosting their confidence and social skills. A growing body of research shows the benefits of extra-curricular experiences in developing teamwork, time management and resilience and providing crucial relief from the pressures of the modern world.

Performing Arts

The superb Ruddock Hall Performing Arts Centre, shared with King Edward’s School, includes a 400-seater concert hall, a drama studio seating 120, and a dance studio, plus several classrooms and music practice rooms.

You can find more information here: The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre Website