Thirds’ First Week at School

A shot of two students sharing a book at Thirds’ First Week at School
On the 3rd of September, we welcomed our new Thirds to KEHS! Here are two pupils’ experiences of the start of their journey with us...

On the 3rd of September, we welcomed our new Thirds to KEHS! Here are two pupils’ experiences of the start of their journey with us.

“My first week exceeded all my expectations in many wonderful ways, even though I was very nervous before stepping into the school, as I was the only person coming from my primary school. I am in 3K and we have already become such a friendly group and spending my first few break times with all of them has been amazing. KEHS has an extremely welcoming community and we could certainly tell that straight away when three Sixth Form prefects helped us settle in, during our very first form period. Not only did we get to know these older pupils, our form teacher and RS teacher Miss Robinson also answered all our burning questions and was very kind and caring to all the form. After our first very busy morning of school tours, photos and book collection, we set off to our three lessons of the day. First came Music, where we learned about musical phrases in creative and entertaining ways. Next was PDM, a new subject to me, which was very interesting and also was very funny at times. Finally, we enjoyed our Latin lesson where we have already learned lots about the Romans. Friday was just as much fun, and lunch was just as tasty; especially the famous ‘chicken zinger burger’! We had a variety of different lessons and finished the day off with a double period of PE which was fantastic. Starting KEHS has been everything I hoped it would be and more, and I am really looking forward to the rest of my time here.” By Felicity

“It was my first day starting secondary school. New school; new teachers; new classmates; new clothes; new environment, but the same old me. Excited but nervous, my mum drove my older sister and I to school. Cars roamed around the place dropping off their children, reluctant to say goodbye, whereas on the contrary, children fled without hesitation to the classroom looking for their friends. As my sister took me to the entrance, the teachers welcomed me warmly, guiding me and other students to our respective classrooms. Entering the classroom, we sat down as an awkward silence ushered throughout the room. After a few minutes of more pupils coming in, finally a person broke the silence by uttering one word: “Hi!”. The school day finished like a blink of the eye – making friends minute by minute, hour by hour. My fear turned into hope, ready for a new chapter of my life.” By Gloriosa

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