17 Oct

One Day Film School 2019

On Monday 7th October, KEHS hosted its annual One Day Film School attended by 72 primary school pupils. The day started with an introduction to fight choreography! Pupils learnt how to make this realistic and had time to work on this in pairs outside whist being filmed. It was very exciting for the pupils to watch their fight moves as they were played back to everyone! Pupils also learnt about different camera shots such as wide angle, medium, close up and tracking shots. The children worked in groups to produce their own film using the new skills they had learnt. Each group chose someone to be a director, a script supervisor and a camera person.After lots of practise and constructive criticism, each group had their 10 shot film shown to everyone and the winning group was presented with an Oscar for the best film! Well done to those pupils from Bordesley Green Primary School who won!