KEHS is a regional training centre for NQTs; it is part of a network of training centres for independent school NQTs running 3 regional training sessions per year.

KEHS is also an Appropriate Body for NQTs from the maintained sector.

Jennifer Shearer, Assistant Principal at Sheldon Heath Academy comments:

"King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy has received excellent support from our NQT “Appropriate Body”; King Edward VI High School for Girls (KEHS). Communication is clear, efficient and effective, and the programme created by KEHS provides a thorough support structure for the NQTs. Each of the KEHS NQT tracking documents refer directly to the Teachers’ Standards; this is particularly helpful for both the Induction Tutor and the Subject Tutor to best assess the progress of each NQT and to highlight areas of practice which require further development. Moreover, the external CPD opportunities provided by KEHS are varied and flexible in order to suit the bespoke needs of each NQT. In addition to a programme of activities offered, KEHS has co-ordinated support from a range of subject specialisms across the schools within its programme; this flexible and personalised approach has been particularly beneficial to the NQTs at King Edward VI Sheldon Heath (KESH) Academy and has greatly contributed to all KESH Academy NQTs making good progress this academic year.”