School day

Registration (and Assembly) 0845
P1 0910
P2 0950
P3 1030
Recess 1110
P4 1135
P5 1215
Lunch 1250
(Activities start at 1310)
P6 (including afternoon registration) 1355
P7 1440
P8* 1520
End of School 1600

*For most girls, school ends on Friday at 15:20 after Period 7. In certain Options subjects, in the Lower and Upper Fifth, there are lessons Period 8 on Friday and school finishes at 16:00.


Any medicine which your child may need to take during the school day must be in the original packaging. If it has been directly prescribed by a doctor, please ensure the packaging has clear instructions from the pharmacist on it as dosage may sometimes vary from the “over the counter” manufacturer’s instructions. Please also complete the new proforma. Girls should bring their medication, along with the completed form, to Matron, so that it can be safely stored and administered, as necessary, during the School day.