Winter Weather Procedure

In the event of very bad weather, we have agreed the procedure outlined below with King Edward’s School.

In a prolonged spell of bad weather, the Schools will adopt a ‘winter’ timetable, shortening the school day to allow early departure in the afternoon. We shall aim to make a decision about the winter timetable by 07.00 on the day and will communicate this information through our website.

In very severe weather conditions, the Schools may be closed. Parents and girls should assume that School is in session unless you are notified by text or School Comms, and the School website will also indicate if School is closed. However, parents should always use their discretion, consider the local weather conditions and the distance to travel, and should not put girls at risk. We do not use the local radio stations to notify girls and parents.

If the decision is made to close School, the building will be open to any girl who has had to set out before receiving this notification and there will be staff on hand.