• Form Tutors: Usually the first point of contact for any questions or concerns from pupils or their parents.
  • Heads of Year: Parents can contact the Head of Year if the matter is more significant, or they have been unable to contact the Form Tutor

  • Matron: Miss Natalie Rowley
    Parents may contact Matron regarding any medical conditions or medication which needs to be given whilst the pupil is in school
  • Head of Lower School: Mrs Gemma Hargraves
    Parents may contact Mrs Hargraves for significant pastoral matters relating to Thirds, Lower Fourth and Upper Fourth
  • Head of Middle School (and Assistant Head): Mrs Kam Sangha
    Parents may contact Mrs Sangha for significant pastoral matters relating to Lower Fifth and Upper Fifth.
  • Director of Sixth Form: Mrs Joanna Whitehead
    Parents may contact Mrs Whitehead for significant pastoral matters relating to students in the Sixth Form
  • Vice Principal (Pastoral): Mrs Sarah Shore-Nye
    Mrs Shore-Nye has oversight of Pastoral Care across the school. Parents may contact her about any significant pastoral matter.

We also have a Learning Mentor, a Careers Adviser, two school-based Counsellors, a mental health nurse and a school-based Doctor whom girls can see for pastoral support.