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Students learn to understand the economy and its crucial importance to all our lives, analysing the interaction between its constituents: producers, firms, consumers, workers and governments.  Please note Economics is only available to study in Sixth Form. 

A Level

Students will explore and debate how Economics affects international affairs and politics and its links with today’s key issues like globalisation, war, pollution and poverty. They are also taught to think logically and use economic theories to understand concepts such as inflation, supply and demand, unemployment, interest and exchange rates. This helps them grasp the tough choices our Government faces when steering the economy in an unpredictable world. 

The course is divided into four themes. Themes 1 and 2 form the basis of study for Year 12 and themes 3 and 4 form the basis for Year 13:  

Theme 1 – Markets, Consumer and Business 

Theme 2 – The Wider Economic Environment 

Theme 3 – The Global Economy  

Theme 4 – Making Markets Work  

Economics A Level is assessed through three examinations at the end of the course.  

Future Careers

A Level Economics is a highly thought of academic A Level which provides a useful preparation for anyone wishing to go into a career in accounting, finance or business management. It also enables students to demonstrate to future employers a good combination of literacy and numeracy skills. 

Beyond the classroom

The Economics Society meets every week and explores the Economics issues of the day. We also host the Investment Challenge competition, where teams of students decide whether to hold, buy or sell company shares. 

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