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The Politics Department seeks to help students make sense of the world they’re growing up in at a time when this is an increasingly demanding task.

Domestically we see increasing polarisation of views and, internationally, we are presented with ever greater challenges regarding the environment, the globalised economy and tense international relations. We aim to build an understanding of the institutions and processes behind these issues as well as an application of current affairs and political ideology to make sense of them. We encourage students to think critically about political sources and develop their skills in research, debate and written argument within discursive, seminar style lessons. 

Please note Politics is only available to study at A Level. 

A Level

Politics is a study in how power is used and, more specifically, how we are governed. Students often develop a curiosity for the subject while studying History; the clashes of capitalism and communism, democracy and dictatorship lead to questions about how people around the world are governed and the ideas that underlie Politics.  Students will spend a good portion of lessons debating the issues of the day and applying them to the structures and processes they have studied. They will learn to develop considered judgements about what they see on the TV and in the papers, as well as how to structure their thoughts argumentatively and persuasively. The following areas will be studied: UK politics, UK Government and Global politics.  

Meet the Head of Department

Mr Lomon

Mr Lomon studied Modern History at the University of Oxford, and sabotaged any chance of a bright future in academia by sinking his time into poorly attended satirical sketch comedy shows. 

He has taught History and Politics throughout his teaching career, most recently at Latymer Upper in London, then as Head of Department at King Edward’s Bath. He has been delighted to introduce Politics to KEHS students at A Level and looks forward to an invite from one of the girls to visit Number 10.  

Head of Politics - Mr Lomon

Future Careers

Politics is a degree course in its own right, but also features in joint-honours courses, such as History & Politics, Politics and International Relations or Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE). Students can go on to a wide variety of careers (they needn’t become MPs!), using their skills in Law, Business, Journalism or the Civil Service.   

Beyond the classroom

The Model United Nations (MUN) is a bi-weekly opportunity for students to experience the procedures and style of UN debates, while developing their public speaking and research skills. Throughout the year, students tackle different international relations issues. The MUN programme culminates in a MUN Conference hosted by KEHS, and students also have the option of visiting other schools to compete for awards.

In addition to the MUN, bi-weekly extension sessions are offered. These sessions  sometimes join with Economics to form more of a PPE preparation for university applications. ‘KEHStion Time’ gives students the chance to recruit speakers for our own version of Question Time and ask them questions at the event. Students also have the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament and Supreme Court.

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