Pastoral team

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At KEHS, we prioritise the well-being of our students and strive to provide a nurturing environment for their personal growth.

Our pastoral support network comprises dedicated individuals who are always ready to listen and offer guidance. We understand the importance of accessible and compassionate care, and we are here to ensure that our students’ well-being is our top priority.

Form Tutors

Usually the first point of contact for any questions or concerns from students or their parents.

Heads of Year

Parents can contact the Head of Year if the matter is more significant, or they have been unable to contact the Form Tutor.

Head of Thirds

(Year 7)

Mrs Adele Waites

Head of Lower Fourth

(Year 8)

Miss Catrin Wood

Head of Upper Fourth

(Year 9)

Miss Kayte Williams

Head of Lower Fifth

(Year 10)

Madame Laurence Franco

Head of Upper Fifth

(Year 11)

Mrs Beverley Thompson 

Head of Lower Sixth

(Year 12)

Mr Rob Higgins

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Head of Upper Sixth

(Year 13)

Mrs Rebecca Coetzee

Head of Classics - Mrs Coetzee
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Vice Principal (Pastoral)

Mrs Sarah Shore-Nye

Mrs Shore-Nye has oversight of Pastoral Care across the school. Parents may contact her about any significant pastoral matter.

We also have a Learning Mentor, a Careers Adviser, and school-based Counsellors whom girls can see for pastoral support.

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Assistant Head (Pastoral)

Mrs Helen Kavanagh

Parents may contact Mrs Kavanagh for significant pastoral matters relating to Year 7 – 9.

A picture of Mrs Joanna Whitehead sat down with students in the background

Director of Sixth Form

Mrs Joanna Whitehead

Parents may contact Mrs Whitehead for significant pastoral matters relating to students in the Sixth Form.

School Nurse

Miss Jessica Rees

Parents may contact the School Nurse regarding any medical conditions or medication that needs to be given whilst the pupil is in school.

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