Pastoral Care

Our shared priority is to ensure our students are as relaxed and happy as possible because those foundations will allow her to flourish personally and academically.

That means something very different for each child. Knowing each student as an individual, noticing the small changes, recognising her successes and providing that support when she faces challenges, are made easier by our small, friendly community. 

 We recognise that the pastoral and academic elements of a girl’s life are completely intertwined and interdependent. The girls who join us come from a huge range of backgrounds and educational experiences. KEHS is a real melting pot of talents; the fact girls join us from a whole range of schools across the Midlands means we work especially hard to ensure each girl feels at home.

“The sense of community at KEHS is the best thing about studying here. We are all different and unique, yet I feel part of a community.”

Janae – Year 11

a picture of Janae

KEHS pastoral team

The pastoral team is approachable and always willing to listen. We are generously staffed and there are many friendly faces for students to talk to, both teaching and support staff, including our School Nurse and Counsellors. Form Tutors meet with the girls each morning, providing a regular point of contact. Tutors are supported in their role by a very experienced team of Heads of Year, the Assistant Head Pastoral, Director of Sixth Form and Vice Principal Pastoral.  Find out more about our team.

Buddy system

In the Lower School, each form has designated Sixth Form prefects, who meet with girls each morning and provide valuable information and guidance. When students join the school, they are allocated a “buddy” from the year above them, and during the transition year they meet regularly. The buddy can offer advice and the younger student can ask questions of an older girl who has “lived” the experience very recently.

Parental support

We strive to promote close relationships with parents as we work together for the wellbeing of all our students. We offer termly opportunities for parents to develop their own understanding of wellbeing issues through our parent information evenings.

For more information on mental health and wellbeing for young people, please visit Mind

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Pastoral team

My teachers have always been supportive and willing to go the extra mile to provide additional resources to enhance my learning.

 Srilakshmi – Year 10

a picture of Srilakshmi

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