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At KEHS, girls have a challenging, exciting and varied programme of Outdoor Pursuits designed to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and liberate them from the constraints of technology, social media, and the classroom.

On these trips girls (and staff!) learn new things about themselves and their friends, discover hidden talents, and develop resilience, particularly when encountering adverse weather conditions, and create memories that last a lifetime. 

In the Lower School, every year there is at least one residential trip specially designed for that age group. In the Middle School, they have the option to begin work on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, working on their Bronze and Silver Awards, and in the Sixth Form, their Gold Award. Sixth Formers also get an opportunity to go on a post examination year group residential and World Challenge Expedition so they can make an impact on society. 

Pupils are often accompanied by Heads of Year and Form Tutors in order to enhance their pastoral relationships and build loyalty and cooperation in a more challenging environment.  

Through the Adventure Club Leaders Programme, pupils can take on leadership roles for many of the Outdoor Pursuits activities.   

There are also many other day trips and residentials open to various age groups, which complement this programme, and are enjoyable and challenging for all involved.

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