Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour, a diverse and vibrant subject which allows students to gain an insight into the human mind and behaviour by using scientific research.

Understanding behaviour from its beginnings in the form of infant attachment to their caregiver, right up to what makes people more likely to obey or disobey in certain social situations

Please note Psychology is only available to study at A Level.

A Level

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. At KEHS we have a thriving Psychology department where we study all aspects of human behaviour including: Aggression, Biopsychology, attachment behaviour as well as the influence of how social situations can impact on our ability to make informed decisions.  

At KEHS we study the AQA specification and in the first year of the course, the following modules are studied:  

  • Social Influence 
  • Attachment 
  • Psychopathology 
  • Biopsychology 
  • Approaches in Psychology  
  • Research Methods 


In the second year of the course, the following modules are studied:  

  • Issues & Debates 
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Relationships 
  • Aggression 
  • Research Methods

Future Careers

Students may go on to study Psychology at degree level and, beyond university, students are able to pursue careers in Law, Medicine, HR and Teaching as well as the many roles specific to the study of Psychology including Clinical Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sport Psychology and Neuropsychology. 

Beyond the classroom

In addition to our studies, we engage in various co-curricular activities, such as course trips and extension sessions as well as inviting outside speakers in to deepen our knowledge of psychological topics beyond the confines of the Advanced Level specification.  

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