The House system is important to the life of the school and every student is allocated to one of four Houses.

Houses meet together every two to three weeks, and enjoy additional social events (such as parties, picnics, and movie nights). Through the Houses, girls can form friendships from different forms and years, and get involved in the numerous inter-school competitions. 

Competitions run throughout the year, and there is something for everyone: 

  • Sports tournments such as football, benchball, cricket and badminton as well as Sports Day 
  • Debating, chess and monologue slams
  • Quizzes such as the House Challenge and House Escape Room
  • The House Talent Show and the Great House Bake Off 

The school is divided into four houses: 



The emblem of the red and gold portcullis originated in the coat of arms of Lady Margaret Beaufort, the mother of the first Tudor monarch, Henry VII.



The emblem of the green fleur-de-lys was assumed By Edward III when claiming the French throne. During the reign of his grandson, Richard II, The Guild of the Holy Cross was founded in Birmingham. Whilst in the reign of Edward VI, this organisation would fund a grammar school, from which all of the Foundation schools that we know today would later develop.



The emblem of the blue and gold phoenix is derived from the crest of the family of Jane Seymour, the mother of Edward VI.



The emblem of the red rose represents the Tudor dynasty, to which Edward VI belonged, in its entirety.

Each House has a member of staff who is Head of House, and teachers and other staff are all allocated to Houses. If a student has a family connection witha particular House, it is possible for her to be allocated to that House. 

The Houses also play a role in the school’s programme of charitable and other service activity, with each House helping fundraise for and help promote the work of a chosen charity. Find out more about the House charities and the wider service activity of the school here

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