Culture Week

Culture Week
Read all about Culture Week activities around the school.

KEHS’ third annual Culture Week started with beautiful orchestral music in the Entrance Hall
alongside the buzz of pupils placing dots on a world map to reflect their heritage. As
anticipated, many pupils placed more than one dot illustrating the range of backgrounds
and stories therein. One girl talked about her parents’ story of walking from China to
Vietnam to safety and trying to flee by boat, and another talked about her parents from
Greece and Sri Lanka who meet in the Czech Republic and set up a life in Birmingham.
Culture Week celebrates the diversity of the KEHS community as our girls blossom, and this
map shows their roots. We hope the map will form part of a long-lasting reminder that our
diversity is our strength and promote a sense of belonging.

Throughout the week pupils enjoyed a range of world food in the Dining Hall and in form
time had discussions and quizzes to develop their cultural knowledge and understanding.

Caragh Bennet returned to KEHS to lead a sought-after bead making workshop and talk
about her non-profit Zena Launch Pad that empowers female entrepreneurs in Uganda.
Also well attended was a film hosted by the Spanish Department, and a zine workshop in
the beautiful Design Centre gallery space. Pupils were spoilt for choice with an Indian street
food event hosted by KES too. On Tuesday Miss Mckee, stalwart of Culture Weeks past,
again delivered an energetic Dance Workshop and the French Department hosted a film
with authentic French snacks. There was also a lively KEHS/ KES panel discussion with
Rachel, Janae and Ashrita representing KEHS and discussing definitions and ownership of
culture, as well as how family culture and heritage feeds in to school culture.

World Hijab Day was marked at KEHS for the first time with a talk and quiz on the hijab in
culture from our Islamic Society, and the ever-reliable Food Studies team delivered a tasting
workshop where pupils could sample various teas and juices from around the world. Our
LGBT+ and allies group Spectrum hosted a fabulous craft session and many pupils and
parents were thrilled to meet Indarjit Singh via Zoom. We are grateful he could give up his
time to share his experiences with the King Edward Foundation community.

Two inspiring women of colour talked on Thursday about careers; Rehana in Law and the
Civil Services and Celia in FinTech and data analytics. Celia talked about her experience of a
sports scholarship to the University of Houston, and overcoming challenges both medical
and professional on her path to success in business, and Rehana talked about her
comfortable upbringing being put in to perspective once she got to Cambridge and later
worked with MPs. There was also a tasty Chinese dumpling making workshop which proved
incredibly popular.

The week ended in a burst of colour, light and joy with an Indian Dance Showcase in the
Hall, an African Caribbean Society bake sale, a calligraphy workshop and Henna being
painted in the Entrance Hall. Seeing staff and pupils in traditional clothing was heart-
warming and many said they appreciated this opportunity to visibly bring their whole selves
to school.

I am grateful to all staff and pupils who gave time and energy to support this special week,
not least the fantastic catering team and musicians. We hope Culture Week sparks further
conversations about our heritage and identity, and the resultant strength in our KEHS

Mrs Hargraves

To view photos from Culture Week, click here.

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