The KEHS Biodiversity Project

Last year, the Biology department launched the KEHS Biodiversity Project and appointed Amelia as the KEHS Biodiversity Ambassador. Her role is to promote and help to improve the biodiversity of the school site and encourage everyone to think about what they can do as the KEHS community to engage with our school environment and help increase species diversity within a city-setting. This project is going to run year on year with the aim to get as many of the school students, staff and community involved as possible.

We recently carried out a survey of the organisms present on our school site, which has been recorded in a spreadsheet and collated in the Biology department. We are now encouraging others to get involved by spending just 10 minutes observing the organisms around them, and recording what is seen and heard. This could be different plants, birds, insects or other invertebrates that make their home on the KEHS campus. 

On Tuesday 30 January, we held the first ever Biodiversity cake sale, and raised £160. This money will be used to increase the number of bird feeders around the school site, as well as buy materials to build insect and bee hotels.

We encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the changes that are occurring in nature as we move from winter to spring.

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