Caragh Bennet

CoFounder & CEO at ZENA

Caragh Bennet is the Co-Founder of The Zena Brand, a Gen Z non-profit jewellery brand working in Uganda. Made from recycled materials, Zena jewellery donates 100% of proceeds towards the mission of activating female entrepreneurs under the poverty line to start businesses debt free. Over the past 4 years of operations, the Zena programme members have pulled over 300 individuals out of poverty and have supported 90 children through school. Zena has supported over 40 women graduating with their own enterprises, many of whom are now providing jobs for others in their community. Over the last 4 years the Zena team have raised over $1Million in sales and donations towards this impact with designs featured in Vogue Italia, Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar and have secured partnerships with Diane Von Furstenburg and Bloomingdales.

a picture of Caragh Bennet

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