School aims

KEHS is a school synonymous with intellectual ambition. With a mission to offer an unrivalled education to the brightest girls in the region, irrespective of their social or economic background, KEHS is a leading voice in the educational life of the UK.

We aim:

  • To impart the joy of learning and enquiry together with intellectual courage, with the resilience and adaptability requisite for this
  • To develop integrity, resolve, self-knowledge, compassion, and respect for others
  • To inspire the confidence and purpose to make a difference to our community and beyond

To realise these aims:

  • We provide outstanding teaching through a forward-looking and challenging curriculum and a culture of scholarship, going beyond the confines of the exam specifications, and making connections across disciplines
  • We provide proactive pastoral support which promotes the development of balanced, self-reflective and assertive pupils with a strong moral compass

  • We offer an education rich in extra-curricular opportunities, which develop leadership and wider skills, as well as character and perspective

  • We provide high-quality training for staff to ensure ongoing professional and institutional development, building on a long tradition of our staff nourishing the intellectual life of the school through their own interests

  • We offer means-tested Assisted Places and help those outside the school with a strong outreach and community service programme