School aims

At KEHS, we aim to offer girls an education which will prepare them for their future: in further education, employment and in their personal lives. We want girls to embrace a love of learning, to develop new skills and make friends for life in a safe and supportive environment. We want to inspire them to aim high, believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

Hand in hand with our academic curriculum, goes a vast array of extra-curricular activities to suit every taste, offering time to relax, unwind, learn new skills and meet a range of people.

Aware that learning does not stop at the school gate, we offer opportunities for independent study and a wide range of exciting, educational visits in the UK and beyond, to put learning into context and broaden horizons.

Our core aims are summarised in the following statements:

  • to offer girls a distinctive, academic education in a friendly, nurturing environment
  • to help girls to achieve academic success, inspiring a love of learning for its own sake
  • to give girls the confidence to aim high and pursue their ambitions
  • to encourage girls to achieve a productive and healthy work / life balance
  • to develop independent, resilient young women
  • to encourage girls to broaden their horizons and to think nationally and globally, celebrating diversity
  • to be accessible to able girls from all backgrounds
  • to encourage respect for others and a sense of collective responsibility
  • to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities