New Biodiversity Ambassadors announced

The position of Biodiversity Ambassador was created last year to promote, discuss and improve biodiversity on our school site.

Before half-term it was time for Amelia to step down as our very first Biodiversity Ambassador at KEHS. 

Amelia has delivered several assemblies to the whole school, met with younger students to encourage them to take part in a school survey, discussed her plans to further increase provisions for local wildlife with Mrs von Malaisé, and held a fundraiser to make these things happen. 

The result of her work means we have trebled the number of bird feeders on site, installed three insect hotels and allocated a site that will be wild-flowered later in the year. 

Amelia has done an incredible job this year and we congratulate her on her hard work. 

Following Amelia’s fantastic work over the past year, we are pleased to announce that Ellie and Priya will be taking over the role from this term. Here’s what they had to say about their new responsibility: 

As Biodiversity Ambassador, I recognise the importance of biodiversity as our strongest natural defence against climate change and aim to focus on addressing problems around sustainability within school. To achieve this, I will encourage the installation of more recycling bins for plastic, glass, paper, etc. To raise awareness of biodiversity, I propose arranging a ‘Biodiversity Week’ where these issues are highlighted to the school and design posters to inform people about wildlife. I also intend to hold a wildlife ballot to see which plants and animals are the most popular in school and I would be keen on collaborating with our Sustainability Society to make our school an eco-friendlier place. 


I am delighted to be taking over the responsibilities of Biodiversity Ambassador for the coming year and help continue the aim of improving the school grounds by increasing biodiversity and our sustainability as a community. I am particularly interested in the more natural aspects of the role due to my continued love for wildlife and the outdoors; this passion is what drew me to apply for the role in the first place as well as my goal of studying Biological Sciences at University after I finish at KEHS. Therefore, throughout the coming academic year, I will try to implement several initiatives such as fortnightly sessions working at investigating and increasing the number of flowers and other plants throughout the school’s grounds to continue the Biodiversity Project’s aim of drawing in insects such as pollinators to further biodiversity at KEHS. As well as this, I think a key part of my new role should be to provide the vital information for coming generations about the importance of maintaining biodiversity on a global scale as we begin to see dangerous changes to our planet such as climate change, and so I aim to begin this journey at home at KEHS.   




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