Exchanging Experiences from Montréal to the UK

It has been wonderful to see our International Exchange Programme resume this academic year, providing a handful of Upper Fourth students the incredible opportunity to experience a different school and culture from their own.

KEHS pupils, Amelie and Anya recently travelled to Canada, and are now hosting their exchange partners from Montréal. Find out what their exchange partners, Sofia and Sophie had to say about their visit to the UK

My exchange with Amelie this year has been incredible. I first got the opportunity to introduce my hometown of Montréal to her back in October, and have now had the pleasure of visiting her own. The first day of school presented its challenges with only three familiar faces, but I was quickly immersed in the community here at KEHS. Though a much larger school than my own, it maintains a close-knit atmosphere. The students and teachers have been kind and welcoming towards me and my classmate, Sophie, who has joined me on this trip. Whilst in Birmingham, I explored the city centre and watched multiple shows, KEHS’s dance production definitely being my favourite. In addition, I joined Amelie and her family on a trip to London, where we visited the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and many other attractions. This trip has been an unforgettable experience for me. It has taught me responsibility and independence. I can confidently say that I would encourage anyone to participate in an exchange, not just for these valuable lessons, but because it also offers an opportunity to make friendships that will, hopefully, last a lifetime.
I highly recommend this exchange to all those who have the opportunity to apply to this programme. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in England. From exploring the sites of London and Birmingham, to meeting new people, to even writing essays in Drama class - I had so much fun. You also get to experience unique learning styles and grow as an individual. You can try your hand at being more independent and evolve as a person once tasked with traveling alone. What made this trip so outstanding is the people I got to meet along the way: my exchange partner, my exchange coordinator, and fellow students. With such warm hospitality, it was easy to adjust to the new environment and to appreciate it. Finding your footing can be challenging, but therein lies the fun. Thank you to KEHS for partnering with our school, The Study, and providing us with this amazing three week experience. I can say that it has been life changing and one to remember.

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